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Title Curative Services: What are they, and who needs them?

It's a phrase that may not be heard every day, and may even sound a little odd. But title curative services are basically the (sometimes tedious and time consuming) process of fixing problems that may exist on a property's title. A property's title is all about the ownership rights to that piece of property. When a property's title is researched, all kinds of things can be discovered relating to those rights. Many times the discoveries are as expected, and there are no issues. But sometimes what is discovered is a problematic issue, known in the real estate world as a title "defect". A common example of a defect is when a Mortgage from a previous owner has been paid in full but has not been properly "discharged" or "satisfied". This would be a defect that needs to be fixed, so anyone whose property title has a defect may need title curative services to address that defect. As specialists in the field, we know how tricky these things can be, and we are happy to offer our title curative services to the real estate community.

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