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Our Most Requested Specialty Services

Business Meeting


When a Mortgage is paid in full, a Discharge, Release or Satisfaction is required to release the lien. If a title search reveals that there is a missing Mortgage Discharge, and the lien has not been released, let us know. We can help by obtaining the Discharge or other documentation required to release the lien, even when the lender no longer exists.



Lenders often transfer a Mortgage to another lender, but may not record the Assignment documentation needed to complete the chain of title. If your title report reveals a break in the chain due to a Missing or Incorrect Assignment, let us know. We can help by obtaining the corrective documentation, completing the chain, and clearing the defect.

Legal Research and Writing


Sometimes a lender may request that Tangent Tracking prepare a curative document for their signature. We are happy to offer our Curative Document Drafting service at no extra cost. 

Or, should your office require other types of documents to be drafted, such as Deeds, etc., we will be glad to assist.

Collaborating at Work


In some instances, a curative document may not be what you need, but assistance with obtaining a payoff statement would be a great way to expedite your closing process,. We can help by getting in touch with the lender and tracking down the payoff statement for you.

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