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I paid off my Mortgage, but it was never Discharged at the county. Why?

First off, congratulations! Paying off the Mortgage on your home is a huge step, and quite an accomplishment! But what happens next? You may think the payoff is all there is to do, but actually there is something else that needs to happen before your property is free and clear of that pesky lien.

This is because... When you make the final payment on your Mortgage, it is considered paid in full by the lender, bank, mortgage company, etc.. So that's great - the lender knows it's paid, but no one else does! At least not yet...

For the lien to be removed from your property's title, the company that was paid is responsible for issuing and recording a Lien Release, or Discharge, with your city's or county's recorder's office. This step effectively removes the lien from your property's title.

So, if the Release or Discharge is not recorded, that's where the problems can start. And that's when Tangent Tracking can help - by tracking down that Discharge for you. This can save you a lot of time and trouble, especially when the bank is no longer in business, has merged with another bank, or is otherwise difficult to reach.

But once the issue is resolved, you're all set! And your title will be clear of the lien. Hooray!

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